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Surrender Collective was created by sisters Jemma and Hannah Young in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, when we had time to really listen to what God had planned for us. We have always been creative and also had a passion for bringing people into the Kingdom, and with a particular heart for local churches we founded Surrender Collective.

Hannah Young – Graphic Designer

Say hello to Hannah – She spent 3 years studying Graphic Design at Arts University Bournemouth and graduated in 2019. Hannah is passionate, creative, driven, kind, has a great eye for detail and thrives in written communication. From studying art and photography at A Levels, her talent and love for design and the industry has only excelled from there, with work experience in a branding agency and current work in a publishing firm. You can be sure that she will give 110% to whatever project she is working on and will work towards giving you the best quality in design. Hannah loves God and loves to worship Him. His JOY truly is her strength and can be seen through her work, relationships and love for life. Jesus is at the centre of who she is.

Jemma Young – Design and Conceptual Thinking

Say hello to Jemma – Jemma has been working as a Media Coordinator for many years now so has experience in curating and organising social media feeds and campaigns – a much needed skill for our work here at Surrender Collective.⁠ Creatively she is experimental, always asking ‘what if?’ to expand our ideas and encourage us to think outside the box. She studied art at A-Level and is gifted with a naturally creative eye, recently pouring her talents into interior design.⁠ Jemma is a talented artist, worshipper and loves God. She is a self-taught guitar player and has studied at the Catch the Fire School of Ministry, where her love for praising God blossomed.

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